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Choice of 2, 3 or 4 Core
Clear material for easy detection of bubbles
Large bore for maximum flow
400 PSI
Variants available on request
4 Core B-MN-4RN B-MN-4RF
3 Core B-MN-3RN B-MN-3RF
2 Core B-MN-2RN B-MN-2RF
Control Syringe
Choice of 10cc, 12cc or 20cc capacity
Low friction hub
Bold marking for correct dosage
Finger grips for one hand operation
Rotating male luer lock
10cc B-CSR10RL
12cc B-CSR12RL
20cc available on request
Pressure Monitoring Line
Choice of length from 6″ upto 84″
Choice of color – Red, Blue, Yellow & Transparent
Minimum priming volume
ID 1.27mm x OD 2.79 mm
Also available ID 1.00 mm for Pediatric application
Contrast Line
Customised sets available upon
High Pressure Line
Choice of length from 10″, 20″ or 48″
Braided PU material,1200 PSI rating
Rotating male luer lock
Also available in PVC Material upon request
10″ B-HPT10
20″ B-HPT20
48″ B-HPT48
Puncture Needle
Highly precise needle tip
18G x 7cm B-IN-18G7
20G x 4cm B-IN-20G4
21G x 7cm B-IN-21G4
Guide Wires
Variety of guide wires available in following variants:
O.D. 0.018″, 0.021″, 0.025″, 0.032″, 0.035″, 0.038″
Length 45cm, 60cm, 70cm, 150cm
Material Uncoated SS, PTFE coated
Tip J tip, Straight
Ordering Information
0.018″ 0.021″ 0.025″ 0.032″ 0.035″ 0.038″
J Tip B-GW018-150J B-GW021-150J B-GW025-150J B-GW032-150J B-GW035-150J B-GW038-150J
Straight Tip B-GW018-150ST B-GW021-150ST B-GW025-150ST B-GW032-150ST B-GW035-150ST B-GW038-150ST
The Hydrophilic wires also available upon request
PTFE Guidewire available in 260 cm length upon request
Hemostasis Y
Large bore
Compatible with catheters from 4Fr upto 9Fr and guide wires from 0.014″ to 0.038″ dia
Rated pressure 100 PSI
Hemostasis click Y
Large bore
Compatible with catheters from 4Fr upto 9FR
Rated pressure480 psi without wire
Septum can be used in OPEN, SEMI OPEN and FULL CLOSED positionCustomised Extension lengths available upon request
Standard B-HYL04
Side Port Extension 4″ B-HYLO4-04
Side Port Extension 10″ B-HYLO4-10
Torque Device
Perfect grip for easy manipulation of guidewire
Insertion Tool
Insertion Tool/Blunt Needle
20GX10cm B-BN20G10
Inflation Device
Rated pressure 30 bar/430 PSI
Ergonomic Handle